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For instructions on configuring your email, refer to the setup instructions inside our CMS, under "Domains and Email", then click the Email @ symbol, then the mailbox in question to view step by step setup instructions. You can configure your iphone, or other mobile phone, notebook, desktop etc to all read the same inbox. 

We have several different ways you can check your email via the web. We host 3 different web mail programs, so you can choose which one you prefer.

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Tips On Webmail

  • The larger your inbox, the slower your experience. Please archive emails into folders, or delete them.
  • We have a 1Gb limit per inbox, you can configure an option in the CMS to automatically delete old emails once you get to 90% capacity
  • You can use GMAIL to send/receive as your domain email. Use the gmail settings area to configure a POP account, and follow the instructions provided by Google so you can send/receive as your domain. It is not neccessary to leave emails on our server. Once downloaded into GMail, you get about 20GB storage and can search through them more quickly.
  • Disclaimer: We provide webmail clients as a courtesy to our customers. Our web mailservices are open source software, commonly used by other ISPs. If you use a service like Office365 or Google Gsuite, you will get a more advanced email service that we can provide, because they are focused primarily on email as a paid service. Our primary focus is building great websites with powerful ecommerce features.

Forgotten Password

Please contact the webmaster for your domain, who will log into the CMS / Control Panel to change your password.